Responsibility of Foreigners and statelless persons PDF Print E-mail

     Foreigners and stateless persons enjoy all the rights and they are in charge like all the citizens of Ukraine. There are certain norms in the field of immigration law In connection with the specific status of foreigners.


   For example, Art. 203 of the Code of Administrative Offences provides for liability for breach of foreigners and stateless persons to the rules of stay in Ukraine:

  1. Living without documents in Ukraine, with invalid documents or documents of the period has expired;
  2. Failure to comply with the established order of movement;
  3. Failure to depart from the Ukraine after the expiration of the stay;
  4. No-show without a good reason to place of study or employment after the entry of Ukraine,

     If the violation of the established order of registration or residence were found at checkpoints across the state control may be limited to a warning or a fine of from 30 to 50 non-taxable incomes (in 2012 this amount of administrative law is 536 UAH 50 coins. That is, penalty will be between 16 095 USD  (2011 U.S. dollars) to 26,825 USD (3353 USD).


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