Recommendations for tourists while staying in Ukraine: Print

1.  All tourists must have passport while staying in Ukraine.
2.  Foreign tourists are required to leave the territory of Ukraine in time or within the period indicated by visa.
3.  This type of visa provides the right to visit Ukraine solely for tourism, without the right to work in Ukraine.

4. Registration is made at the checkpoint through state control during the entrance, further registration is not required.
5. Tourist visa entitles only one-time entry and departure from the territory of Ukraine.
6. To prolong visa tourists have to address to the office of “Antanta Travel”, please note, the process of visa prolongation should be made while tourist stay on the territory of Ukraine, 5 days before the expiration date of the previous visa. (tel. +38 (044) 361-83-24, +38 (050) 440 16 40, +38 (068) 418 64 63, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it skype:antantatravel).
7. In case of some questions or problems while staying in Ukraine, please, contact with our company.